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Sustainable Urban Development.

At Miraval, we are committed to ESG standards. This commitment sets the tone for all our actions and initiatives. We evaluate and control the implementation of these initiatives in compliance with standardised metrics. We make transparency a priority.

In process of obtaining the EDGE sustainability certification for the Villanela Project

In process of becoming a Benefit Company – a triple-purpose company with B Corp standards of reporting (which represents the first step to becoming a B Corp)

In the course of acquiring ISO 9001 Certification – Quality management system

Vertical integration. 

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Miraval's commitment to offering comprehensive, sustainable and technologically advanced urban development services leads it to working within a vertical integration framework, that encompasses all crucial phases and processes:


Land acquisiton

Identification and acquisition 
of land based on an environmental and impact analysis of the area of influence and social impact proposals by key actors of the local civil society.



Construction process, material selection and waste management with the highest environmental standards including circular economy guidelines and ensuring an integral water cycle.



Urban and architectural design in accordance with the environment and the highest demands of the clients.



Administration and management in the medium and long term, based on a permanence model to provide the optimal provision of basic services, guaranteeing the protection of the integral water cycle, as well as intelligent energy management (detailed below).

Our projects integrate a planning approach for water cycle management.

The integral water cycle is the term that defines the path taken by water from its collection in its raw state in nature to its drinking water availability in our homes and, conversely, the process by which it is properly purified and reintegrated into nature.

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Smart energy.


With advanced solutions based on software equipped with artificial intelligence, through machine learning algorithms and Big Data analysis tools, giving this way, greater power to the consumer, because we believe in the future.

Pursuing the SDGs

Improving the standard of living of low-income communities neighbouring our construction developments


Promoting healthy living in a clean and stimulating environment in harmony with nature

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Ensuring an integral water cycle that guarantees domestic wastewater is safely treated

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Improving energy efficiency using Big Data analysis, IoT and renewable sources of energy

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We ensure employee Health & Safety by offering formal employment and long-term, quality jobs in an improved work environment

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Promoting innovation by investing on R+D+I for optimization of construction process

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Carbon Footprint Reduction in all our construction phases with our circular economy business model


Sustainable and resistant materials for housing units and the infrastructure for utilities provision; integrated waste management and responsible and efficient use of the natural resources

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Land and ecosystems protectionby responsible acquisition and relationships with local communities  

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