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Miraval attends first EPRA conference

Miraval has had an interesting and enjoyable couple of days at the EPRA Rethink Conference (6-8th September). The industry flagship event, which included property tours, keynote speeches and investor networking, was an excellent opportunity for Miraval to be represented in this space. As the first European sustainable real estate development company with a LATAM focus, Miraval couldn’t be more proud to have been appointed associate member of EPRA.

EPRA promotes, develops and represents the European public real estate sector. They achieve this through providing better information to investors and stakeholders, active involvement in the public and political debate, promotion of best practices and the cohesion and strengthening of the industry.

The conference enabled Miraval to raise its profile and visibility in the European market to both key stakeholders and the wider industry. The importance of our focus to develop sustainable and self-sufficient microcities has been wholly reinforced over the course of the conference. We got to meet many of our peers in the industry and got to share our story that Miraval is a unique business in this sector. Both our peers and potential are excited for our future growth plans to take the company public in the future.

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